• A serene atmosphere by the river
  • A perfect place to enjoy a wide range of entertainment
  • River commute at your doorstep
  • A pool and gardens beckoning relaxation
  • A tranquil home sweet home
  • A residence to enjoy the pace of life
About Riverside

Riverside is a choice of residence, but it is also a choice of lifestyle.


It’s a place where you can enjoy dinner on your balcony whilst taking in the view of the Saigon River or you can venture down to blu Bar & Grill for one of their famous “Lychee Martini’s”.


It’s a place where your children (young and old!) can play on our Playground set or kick the football on our 3 hectares of grassed areas.


It’s a place where you can relax by the pool with a book while your kids learn how to swim.


And, it’s a place where we’ll have you in District 1, down town in 20 minutes.  Free.  By boat or by bus.


This isn’t simply a residence.  It’s a lifestyle and a community.


Please explore our site and learn more about the Riverside Community or click on the testimonials below to hear from current Residents what they love about life at Riverside.


Our international team, and our serviced apartments set amongst beautiful gardens, pool, fitness centre, tennis courts, beauty salon, convenience store and playground are at your service.


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