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" At Riverside we are very proud of our... " Read more

" Rain just arrived and almost in the same time it seems that everybody prepares to... " Read more

" One more time, the green and big garden of Riverside Serviced Apartments is the happiness of the... " Read more

" Welcome back to everyone, welcome back to your... " Read more

" Finally, it is holidays! Awesome time for the kids, as far as we can remember, this is the call of freedom, the opportunity to switch to another... " Read more

" From the 1st of December 2012 to the 31st of March 2013, Riverside Serviced Apartments has the honor of bringing you the special promotion to celebrate... " Read more

" For you who are living in Ho Chi Minh City, you will see much sun and warm weather for most of the days in... " Read more

" November, last month before the end of the year, it is the time to prepare Thanksgiving, and next month are arriving Christmas and New Year’s Eve... " Read more

" As Christmas comes, we all think about the wonderful time we are going to spend with our families and... " Read more

" Last month of the year, December is always an exciting... " Read more

" e-News August... " Read more

" During the period from 15-30 Sep 2013, Riverside offers the incredible FLASH deal: just from VND... " Read more

" If everyone can witness easily that house or apartments are cheaper than serviced apartments, this becomes difficult to find who can clearly make the... " Read more

" April could be called specifically the month of... " Read more

" It is about time to find your raincoat and to get ready to face the rain; May is the first month of the rainy season in the South, while in the North... " Read more

" This month, in Hanoi you can find the cherry blossom festival that promote the Japanese... " Read more

" June is a particular month, the kids can feel the coming vacations, the rain is coming back and more than that, it is the immemorial ''summer... " Read more

" The ground of Riverside are full of colors; the return of the rain makes our garden so lively like one of the Matisse... " Read more

" As the Lunar New Year is coming, the whole Riverside team would to wish you the best for the Year of the Metal... " Read more

" As the city is growing quickly, there are sometimes some matters arising about the air... " Read more

" The end of the school, as every year, will bring us apart for several... " Read more

" Since we had the terrible covid-19 pandemic most of us are not able to go anywhere except in... " Read more

" Since it is the school break for everyone, the children have a lot of free time and the parents need to spend more time to keep them... " Read more

" Since we had the terrible covid-19 pandemic most of us are not able to go anywhere except in... " Read more

" Are you feel tired of the heat when this summer is coming? So why not get rid of the heat and indulge yourself in our swimming... " Read more

" Regarding the situation about the pandemic in Vietnam, we start to glimpse the light at the end of the... " Read more

" May should be called the Month of the symbols of... " Read more

" Few changes are coming this month and for the coming weeks, we are going to have a new Spa services, the building is already under renovation, the 2... " Read more

" Life in Riverside is unique in many aspects; the most remarkable point is the space we have for... " Read more

" Riverside Newsletter – April 2012 – Easter Travel Promotion, Easter Celebration, NZ Food & Wine... " Read more

" The month of August is already on his way, and schools will slowly start to re-open for another new year of teaching and... " Read more

" July! Summer school in under way for many students while a summer break holiday is enjoying all the... " Read more

" Riverside Newsletter – March 2012 – The only place to stay in... " Read more

" The month of May is the fifth month of the year and no other month begins or ends on the same day of the week as May in any... " Read more

" Like October, November is in the range of “Best Time to Travel” in Vietnam, a good month to visit Ho Chi Minh City and the Mekong Delta where the... " Read more

" Riverside Serviced Apartments - Newsletter - September... " Read more

" From 15 Oct - 15 Dec 2012, book our apartments for staying within 1 Nov - 15 Dec 2012 to enjoy the Special Surprise discount up to 26% on the rack... " Read more

" Year End ahead and New Year is coming soon! Perhaps some of you forgot last New Year's and New Year Eve’s celebrations had been made? Just only few... " Read more

" August, named from Augustus the first emperor of Rome, is an amazing... " Read more

" Since few weeks, Riverside is temporarily quiet, we already miss the sounds of the happiness of our young Residents, and we cannot wait any longer for... " Read more

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