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" At Riverside we are very proud of our... " Read more

" One more time, the green and big garden of Riverside Serviced Apartments is the happiness of the... " Read more

" April is the last spring month before it starts getting hot and humid all over the... " Read more

" August is the month of the new school year for the main international... " Read more

" From the 1st of December 2012 to the 31st of March 2013, Riverside Serviced Apartments has the honor of bringing you the special promotion to celebrate... " Read more

" For you who are living in Ho Chi Minh City, you will see much sun and warm weather for most of the days in... " Read more

" November, last month before the end of the year, it is the time to prepare Thanksgiving, and next month are arriving Christmas and New Year’s Eve... " Read more

" Christmas 2012, come celebrating Christmas... " Read more

" Sport is Health! In March, Discover or re-Discover Only New Classes that have never been taught here before! This month, get the opportunity to launch... " Read more

" June is still a good month to travel in Vietnam despite it being a slightly mixed bag in terms of... " Read more

" The month of October is caught between the world of the lanterns of the Mid-Autumn Festival and the Ghosts of the... " Read more

" End of the Year is here, and as usually we all run everywhere trying to find good ideas to please our circle and family (your loved... " Read more

" The school is over; the summer holidays are already... " Read more

" Since we had the terrible covid-19 pandemic most of us are not able to go anywhere except in... " Read more

" Are you feel tired of the heat when this summer is coming? So why not get rid of the heat and indulge yourself in our swimming... " Read more

" A recent survey of a Singaporean bank said that Vietnam is one of the three most attractive places in Asia for Asian... " Read more

" The Month of May starting with the International Labour Day is also the first month of the... " Read more

" The month of August is already on his way, and schools will slowly start to re-open for another new year of teaching and... " Read more

" Like October, November is in the range of “Best Time to Travel” in Vietnam, a good month to visit Ho Chi Minh City and the Mekong Delta where the... " Read more

" From 15 Oct - 15 Dec 2012, book our apartments for staying within 1 Nov - 15 Dec 2012 to enjoy the Special Surprise discount up to 26% on the rack... " Read more

" April is the symbolic month of renewal, as nature becomes green and colorful again in the northern... " Read more

" Even Vietnamese people have their own traditions, they are enjoying the Western Year End festivity with almost as much zeal as... " Read more

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