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Coming home

Apart from the peace and quiet, the beautifully tended gardens and the stunning views of the Saigon River from my apartment and rooftop? Well, there’s the gym, the tennis courts and the fabulous pool. There’s the delectable waterside restaurant, Blu. Chinese Pond Herons drifting by on clumps of water hyacinth and the iridescent turquoise shimmer as a kingfisher takes flight. The hammocks under palm trees. The sunsets. The 24-hour service with a smile at Resident Services. The security. Ladies’ Nights and New Year parties. The courtesy boat and bus service into the city. And let’s not forget the dog-run!


But the icing on the cake is the genuine sense of community. It always takes longer than it should to get from the main gate to my villa door but that’s only because there’s always someone to catch up with on the way:  a mother or nanny and toddler, a fellow dog-owner, neighbours of all ages and nationalities.


In short, what I love about coming home to Riverside is the quality of life here. After a busy day at work, I come home to a luxurious haven of tranquility and… simply relax.


Riverside is an easy place to feel at home and I love it here.


Marisa Piccioni




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