Newsletter & Media » See you all at Tet Trung Thu this month
Posted: 2015 September, 03

Riverside has a long story, it is one of the pioneer serviced apartments in Vietnam. Built a little bit less than 20 years ago, the residence was already a high end property for expatriate. Since then the success and professional reputation has grown up, thanks to the tenants who love Riverside. We can always feel some emotions of the people that are moving out. Most of them are sure that they won’t find a place as exceptional as Riverside. It is a unique place, because of the wide and green botanic garden that surrounds the low level buildings. The resort style makes every day feel like this is vacation. The other particularity and not the least is the community feeling that is present within all families, it makes the people very safe, comfortable and just happy to share space together.

The General Director

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