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Posted: 2010 July, 21

After months of planning and research, Riverside Apartments has today launched a new brand that is carving new ground in the Residential Apartment market.

Riverside, with its’ 155 apartments and prime positioning on the banks of the Saigon River in District 2, has been long positioned as the market leader in the residential housing sector in HCMC. Its 20 years of experience, large tropical grounds and unique, low-rise, resort style architecture have seen it achieve consistently high occupancies and low resident turnovers.


However, as the markets expectations and desires continue to evolve, Riverside has recognized the need to carve a new niche to lead the organization forward and ultimately continue to secure long-term resident satisfaction.


“We recognize that there is a flurry of apartment complexes opening their doors with new facilities and low promotional rates” says General Director of Riverside Ms. Anne-Marie Le Jones. “However, we believe we compete on a completely different platform” says Ms. Le Jones.


When asked what this different platform may be, the determined GD responds confidently “If I asked you if we are competing in the Residential Housing Market, you would say yes” she says. “However we are competing in a market of far more significance that simply a place to live – we are competing to offer a lifestyle.”


“We recognize that choosing a home is not simply about furnishings and fittings. Whilst important, it’s equally critical to consider location, space, quality of life, community, support services and surrounding conveniences and entertainment options” says Ms. Le Jones. “We do not see our role as providing housing, we see it as providing a lifestyle, a community and an enriching experience for our residents” she says.


It is this that drives Riverside’s fresh new brand. Whilst the new logo, design and colours reflect its lifestyle positioning, Riverside is bringing the brand to life through a determined focus on all aspects of creating a lifestyle. A new website, currently under construction, focuses on providing information about apartments and services, but also introduces residents to the community and surrounding conveniences, entertainment or educational options. There will also be a resident log in area so residents can stay informed and up to date. The new playground, restaurant and pool furniture, all added in the lead up to the brands’ release, serve to support a strong, all-encompassing lifestyle focus.


“We take our role seriously and whilst we place a safe and comfortable roof over our residents heads, we want to support them in living the life they desire, to easily find and acquire what they need to feel happy and fulfilled within the community they live in” says Ms. Le Jones.


For more information please contact Ms. Hang at the contact details listed above. Images attached, with credit to Kevin German, Luceo Images.


Riverside is a residential lifestyle complex located in An Phu, District 2. Residents have the choice of 1,2, 3 or 5 bedroom fully furnished, serviced apartments with the added advantages of lush and extensive grounds and gardens located on the banks of the Saigon River. A fully equipped gym with adjacent activity room, tennis courts with tennis instructors on hand for lessons, compliments the large pool area, restaurant and playground. Health and Lifestyle Club Memberships as well as daily and weekly stay rates are also available.



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