Newsletter & Media » Riverside Newsletter – July 2012 – "Fantastic atmosphere, amazing location & great service!"
Posted: 2012 July, 04

“July! Summer school in under way for many students while a summer break holiday is enjoying all the others.

July was previously called Quintilis in Latin, since it was the fifth month in the ancient Roman calendar. The name was then changed by Augustus to honor Julius Caesar, who was born in July.

There an incredible number of independence days celebrated through the month: the most popular is the one of the United States of America (4th) but there will also be celebrations for Belarus (3rd); Philippines (04th); Algeria (05th); Argentina (09th); Bahamas (10th); Columbia (20th); Belgium (21st); Maldives (26th); Peru (28th) and Vanuatu (30th).

In addition to its Independence day, United States also celebrate their National Ice Cream month in July!

Wishing you a lot of fun and joy this July!

Ms. Thuy Ta Thanh
General Director”

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