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Posted: 2016 March, 02

This month, in Hanoi you can find the cherry blossom festival that promote the Japanese culture. Or in An Giang the cow racing festival, a festival to honor their ancestors. Or near here, the famous New Zealand Wine & Food Festival. And finally we also recommend in here: sitting at the blu and having a breakfast, lay down in a lounge chair by the pool under the shade of an umbrella, chill in the hammock with a book under the coconut tree, walk by the river and admire the red tone scenery of the sunset. Sometimes, we don’t realize that Riverside is much more than a simple home, it is a small world, and it is an incomparable way of life. It sounds like a vacation dream, but this is actually the daily life of the Residents of Riverside. It is hard to believe until you discover this island in the city.

The General Director

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