Newsletter & Media » July in Riverside started with the U.S. Independence Day celebration
Posted: 2016 July, 11

What a beautiful idea to stop and have a look at the sunset, this season is particularly beautiful, it is like a firework every evening!
From almost everywhere in Riverside it is easy to see and to look at the sky changing color, the red and the yellow invade the view and seem to burn the buildings like on some famous paintings.
There are so many ways to enjoy this moment in Riverside. For some it is: “Let’s have a BBQ in the garden!”; “Let’s book a table at the Blu Bar and Grill!”; “It is right in front of the Riverside!”, or for some others it is: “Let’s have a drink on the rooftop to share this moment”. With the light breeze, this is a unique place to enjoy the river from above, the panorama is nearly a 360 one.

The General Director

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