Newsletter & Media » Hi! No traffic jam on Planet 15 for you to enter Kids Garden of Riverside this February!
Posted: 2017 February, 07

Dry Season seems to be delayed. The earth is shaking, the weather is changing, and as said Buddha “Nothing is permanent except change”. In Riverside, we make the change in the continuity, in order to stick to new expectation of the Riverside families, new trends, we will always do our best to invite our Residents to new experiences and in the same time, preserve our community. It is the way to live together in harmony; we wish to offer space and freedom for our children to grow up in a place that will be forever in their memories. As it is the New Year, we would like on more time to wish you the best for the Rooster year and in the same time insure with you, that we are here for everyone. Our passion is to keep Riverside the number one in your heart!

The General Director


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