Newsletter & Media » Will you cruise on the River this May? Check it out!
Posted: 2016 May, 05

Never cast a clout till May is out.
When we hear this English proverb, immediately we have big ideas and above all a great sense of freedom comes to mind. Unfortunately, the reality is anything else. For example, this May, most of us are bothered by heat and drought, and the big issue for families is getting through everything that has to be done by the end of the school term and the organization of the summer vacation for our children. It is very important to finish up this school year properly and it can be stressful for everyone. However, remember that you can count on the Riverside Team. We will be available for everyone as usual, and stay close to each family by bringing assistance and personalized services. All our team members are ready to help you in every step of your life.

The General Director

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