Newsletter & Media » A certificate of Excellence for the oasis in District 2
Posted: 2016 June, 07

Rain just arrived and almost in the same time it seems that everybody prepares to leave. Is it because of the weather? No, it is not! For every expatriate who have families, June is very often the time to go back to homeland. Thus, we can feel certain effervescence at the beginning of the month. It is time to pack, say goodbye to friends, buy gifts for families, such a bless time for the ones who miss their countries.

Not everyone, of course, because some others will stay to enjoy the fantastic city of Saigon and its surrounding, while some other ones keep on working. We won’t forget the ones who leave Riverside during the “School Break” and we will take care of the ones who stay here and still continue to offer entertainment and activities.

The General Director

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