Newsletter & Media » Riverside Newsletter – September 2012 – “A Different Lifestyle within a Distance”
Posted: 2012 September, 04

“September is another month for cultural events. If you have the opportunity, visit Sapa during this harvesting season. The terraced rice field is more lively than any other time of the year and many farmers come out to harvest wearing traditional “non la” if they are Kinh and colorful clothes if they are Hmong or Dzao.

This is also the best time of year for fruits fans. You may have tested pomelos sometimes in your country but you can never imagine how special it is in a tropical country in the best autumn night.

One of the most famous delicacies of Vietnam, green rice flakes (com) are also believed to be the yummiest in this time of the year.

Come and enjoy the mid-Autumn Festival to experience a full Vietnam. You may smile and think “those were the days” and your childhood comes back to you sweetly.

Happy September!

Ms. Thuy Ta Thanh
General Director”

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